November 10, 2008

Picky Eater

This is my official entry to this edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival hosted by Jenny.

I remember introducing solid foods to Joaqui for the first time at age 5 months and he was eating everything with gusto...even the pureed green peas. I think it was a sign that our Joaqui loves to eat and even now that he is a toddler already, he eats almost anything and is not picky at all. When he likes what he eat, he would say "Yum! Yum!" and "Sarap!" Except for the times he is sick, we do not have problems on feeding him. To ensure that he eats right, we try to always have vegetables in our meals and I teach him the names of the different vegetables so that he would know what he is eating. Of course, as parents we set an example in eating vegetables and no junk food is allowed in our house, except for a few biscuits and crackers. I am more strict with regard to this than my husband Jeff, especially with saying no to chocolates and candies. Up to now at almost 2 years old, Joaqui has never eaten candies. When somebody gives him a candy, I really say upfront that Joaqui is not allowed to eat that. Occasionally we would allow him to have cakes or ice cream, but just a very minimal amount.

We love to eat out and Joaqui is exposed early to restaurant eating and even fast foods. I know I should not let him eat foods from fast food restaurants, but it is really hard not to give in especially if he holds my hand and take me to Jollibee or McDonald's when we are in the malls. But still, I try to control what types of food he eats in these restaurants. We allow him to eat chicken (no skin), rice and a little french fries, and his favorite now is apple pie from McDonald's. I'm really cautious about sugar and fat in the foods that Joaqui eats because we have a family history of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. At home, we usually give him a balanced diet of protein from meat or fish, carbohydrates from rice and nutrients from vegetables and fruits. I am also proud that up to this day, Joaqui only drinks milk and water. He does not drink soda or juice because it is too sweet and as much as I can, I would try to hold off on these until he reaches the age 18!

Our family loves to cook and eat and I will not be surprised if Joaqui would have an affinity for food and cooking. He is happy to try new foods and new tastes, and sometimes is happy to watch my mom or me cooking in the kitchen. I hope that he does not grow up to be a picky eater and would learn to cook as well.

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