November 18, 2008

looking wow and feeling wow

I have read a quote from Gianni Versace that goes "Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance - a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman's personality. Without it there is something missing." I really believe that a perfume can complete a woman's look and can add confidence, knowing that you not only look beautiful but smells good too. I particularly like perfumes that have a vanilla fragrance or a green tea smell because it blends well with my body chemistry. Since it is a time for holiday shopping, I plan to give my mom and my mother-in-law their favorite fragrances. My mom particularly likes Estee Lauder Beautiful and my mother-in-law always wears Givenchy Organza. As what I always do before shopping, I browse the internet for price comparison and special offers and discounts. A woman's perfume is considered expensive, but by finding a site where I can compare prices, I can find perfumes and fragrances at lower cost. Another option that I found is a perfume gift set that includes other perfume beauty products. This would be a great Christmas treat for my mom and my mother-in-law, as they are both beauty conscious even at their age. I even found something for myself - a Lacoste Essential Gift Set - and I would definitely ask hubby to consider giving me this for Christmas. : )

Now as the holiday season is full of festivities, family dinners and reunions, I know that I should still watch my weight and avoid eating too much. It is just so hard to stick on a diet and exercise plan during the holidays and I do not want to spend so much on gym memberships that most of the time I end up not using at all. Hubby said that we should try Wii Fit, a product that is more than just a game but can actually help you lose weight and improve posture. Wii Fit has four training modes and more than 40 exercises and activities - it even includes a hula hoop game and a yoga training. I like the game Basic Run where I can jog around a virtual island. This is so cool and for the price of one, our whole family can have tons of fun doing these games and stay fit at the same time.

Christmas is a time for celebration, and even after all the parties, you would still want to look good and stay healthy. Perfume gift sets and Wii Fit are gifts that I would surely give my loved ones and would love to have them for myself as well.

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