March 1, 2011

up, up and away

We recently celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary and Valentine's Day by going to the 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta last February 11-13 and the event was really quite impressive. Joaqui had so much fun watching the balloons being inflated and finally taking flight. We stayed at Oasis Hotel in Clark, Pampanga because we wanted to be really early for Saturday, but we got there at about 4 a.m., there was already a long queue for the entrance tickets.

Once inside the venue, we waited for about 1-1/2 hours before the balloons started to be inflated. Good thing that Joaqui was a real trooper because he just patiently waited for everything to start. No tantrums whatsoever. Finally when the paragliders hovered above us for the start of the event, the different shapes of the hot air balloons were quite a sight.

It was a day of seeing a lot of things that fly - hot air balloons, airplanes, kites, ultralights, parachutes, helicopters - and for a little boy who loves everything that flies, it was one totally awesome experience for him - and for us too.

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We also went to the 16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

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