March 10, 2011

unsung heroes

The recent events in the Middle East had made a significant impact in a lot of the lives of our fellow Filipinos who are working there. Although it was not as widespread as in the Gulf War, still the livelihood of our OFWs is once again at risk. I know some people who work in Saudi Arabia, Libya and Bahrain - all of them are nurses and as I keep a close watch on the unfolding events that continue to torment their safety, I feel for their families.

In the past few years, there was an increase in the demand for nurses and even other professionals took up a nursing course in order to go to other countries and provide for their families. I for one considered going back to school to take up nursing, oftentimes imagining myself in a nursing uniform. But the timing was not favorable for me at that time as I was getting married, so I just concentrated on my chosen career.

Now when I see someone here in a hospital scrub uniform, I can't help but wonder what made them stay and work here instead. I have great respect for the nurses who made a sacrifice to be away from their families to give them a better life, but I even have greater respect for the nurses, and for other medical workers for that matter, who choose to serve their fellow countrymen who need them more.

Being in the medical field is no easy task because it entails grave responsibility to be given the opportunity to take care of the life of another person you don't know. To the men and women in their medical scrubs and uniform - wear them proudly - for in the midst of the world's uncertainties, you remain a hero not only to your country but most especially to your family.

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