March 31, 2011

a true wahmy

When an opportunity came for me to work at home, the decision came quickly. I did not even consider the fact that there would be a lot of employee benefits that I would not be able to enjoy anymore, but one thing made it easy for me to be a work-at-home mommy - being able to work at home and take care of my family, especially Joaqui. He was almost 1-1/2 years old at that time and today he is 4 years old. I cannot fully say that being a wahmy is easy, but I enjoy it. I enjoy the time I spend with Joaqui and now he is in school, being able to attend every school activity he had is priceless.

Sometimes I get the opportunity to be able to return to the workplace and although the financial security it brings is tempting, it is very hard for me to go back to the workplace again. I can't imagine leaving Joaqui behind and not being able to attend to his needs like I used to when I'm at home.

If I had to choose now, to continue working from home or to go back to working in the office, I would probably consider the former but I would still choose the latter.

It was a tiring day, like the days I usually have. It's late and I'm still working not because I was asked to, but because bedtime stories have to be read first and I had to answer a lot of questions before a little boy decides to go to sleep, and finally with his little hands clasping my face, looks into my eyes and says, "Good night mommy. I love you mommy!"

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