March 3, 2011

condo living

For a little over seven months now, we have been living in our condominium unit and a lot of our family and friends ask me how is it to be living in a condo. I would say that since there is just the three of us and I work at home, it is a lot more practical and convenient because we maintain a more manageable space. We also get to enjoy amenities like a 24-hour security, guarded parking space and a swimming pool.

Although owning a condo unit is more affordable than buying a conventional home, condo living is not for everyone. By choosing to live in a condominium, you are choosing to live within a community of other condo unit owners who become your instant neighbors. Each condominium complex is a community in itself and each owner should accept and follow the standard rules and regulations unique to condo living.

As with buying a house and lot, we also considered the pros and cons of living in a condo, and considering our lifestyle and financial capacity, we have been very satisfied with condo living so far. I guess it really depends on how willing are you to share common spaces with other people and of course, how patient you are and tolerable of other people's manners. One thing for sure, I have observed that respect for other people's privacy is very important if you want to live harmoniously within the community of other unit owners.


Anonymous said...

Talking about Condo living! I currently rent at Battery Wharf. A former military installation and former home of Boston’s U.S. Coast Guard. It’s a tightly bunched longitudinal building affair and most of the views are right into other people’s condos. Unfortunately since moving to the Battery many of us long endured the trauma of jackhammers, recycling trucks, sirens, canines and noisy air-conditioning systems and the smell of Curry traveling the hallways. But, perhaps because the population of children in the city is increasing, the sound of little feet is a complaint being voiced here with increasing frequency. The parents of those little feet are not happy to hear that their children are driving you crazy. Many, in fact, have heard just about enough of it. They complain that they are being forced to choose between being good neighbors and good parents after having elicited multiple noise complaints from their downstairs neighbor, mostly 35 to 45 year old senior executives with no children. Should children and dogs be allowed in exclusive luxury city condo dwellings. Many of the owners who paid a cool $1.7 million for 1,400 square feet of condo space most emphatically say no. Their point: "If you have arrived and can afford to dwell in luxury and exclusivity heaven, kids are baggage. Greetings from Beantown as life goes on.

Gaile said...

It is very inspiring article. I want to experience to live in a condo also but I can't afford to buy any unit now. I am glad that you'd shared your experienced living in a condo. Thanks.

Kate Louise said...

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