March 24, 2011

off to where?

It's summer here already and everybody I know is thinking about one thing - where to spend their summer vacation. With the numerous promos offered by airlines and travel agencies, it is quite difficult to decide where to go. And after deciding on the best destination, one essential thing that will complete an unforgettable get away is finding an accommodation. There are a lot of hotels out there, especially when you try to search one via internet, but how do you really know if you will be getting what you will pay for just by hitting that search button?

For me, I try to look for great hotel tips that can help me narrow my search for whatever accommodation I am looking for. It can be from personal experiences of travelers, trusted websites or travel blogs. The only set back I have with this is that most often than not, I drool over the hotel deals from my dream destinations! Like for instance, Hawaii hotel deals are so irresistible that I just want to pack away our bags and go to Hawaii. If we could only afford to go to Hawaii that is. But if I have the means, I would not let those deals pass.

The world is full of wonderful destinations to explore, and I was thinking of starting to explore our own islands first. Besides, the Philippines is known for its pristine beaches and I want Joaqui to know how beautiful our country is by spending our summer vacations beach hopping. How about you, where are you off to?

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