March 16, 2011

it's closing time

It is Joaqui's final exams week and the school year will come to a close and it is officially the start of summer vacation for my preschooler. I can't deny that he is really looking forward to summer vacation and would often ask me, "Is it vacation yet?" It's not that he doesn't like to go to school, it's just that he likes playing more. : )

I sometimes can't believe that it was one school year already. When I look at his books, the worksheets he had and the numerous pad papers we used for writing practice, it was very apparent how he had slowly but gradually improved physically, emotionally and intellectually. I was even telling hubby that since Joaqui finished nursery, it will be 17 years to go before he can finish paying for his education. Ha!ha!

Now me being as excited as Joaqui for the summer vacation to start is not somehow correlated. I must think of ways to keep him preoccupied so he will not get bored. Boredom equals tantrums and tantrums mean mommy can't focus on her work at home. We are thinking of enrolling him in swimming classes - not only for him to learn how to swim but to preserve a little of my sanity as well.

I have one project this vacation and that is to make a scrapbook for Joaqui's 1st year in preschool. I was not planning on a digital scrapbook, but the free credits I get from artscow is tempting. I had three scrapbooks made from artscow and I'm very pleased with its quality. I hope I can finish it before another school year starts.

Joaqui is in school and it's very quiet here in our house, and I spent this quiet hour by blogging, make me write faster when it's quiet. Not for long - until I hear the loud footsteps outside our door and a little boy shouting, "Mooommmmyyyy! I'm home!"


imriz said...

i can much quiet around the house when kids are in school,madali natatapos ang mga work...:)

im a follower here:)

carinamodella said...

that means you have the kids around while you're doing the housework. patience mommy dear...patience :)