May 24, 2010

PBW 6: Garden and Adian


We spent a quiet weekend at our home in Cainta and then we went to visit my mother-in-law in Valenzuela. Saturday, Joaqui helped his Sassy (that's what he calls my mom - it was supposed to be Momsy, but he can't quite pronounced it when he was a baby, so the name stuck) in her garden. He already knows how to use the garden tools and shows interest in gardening.

Sunday, we had a great time at my in-laws. Here's a picture of Kuya Joaqui with Baby Adian, his cousin. I really like this picture. Joaqui is a sweet kuya and plays with Adian a lot.

Looks like they're talking about something here. Cute!

I hope your weekend was well spent with love all around you. ; ) For Pixel Bug Weekend, just click the badge above.


Cecile said...

Very nice pictures...hreat time with MIL, too at nag garden pa si pogi mo :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Jeng, ha ha, I love what your son calls grandma, real cute. You got great looking kids too.
Looks like you will have a son who will love gardening when he grows up.
Have a great week and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

SASSY MOM said...

Glad that Joaqui had a wonderful time with Sassy.... nice name.

He's such a cute boy!

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Marice said...

great photos sis :) he was really having a great time :)

u may view mine here