May 1, 2010

Mini Awarding Ceremonies

Yesterday was a very important day for Joaqui as it was the last day of the Readiness Transition Camp, and the teachers had a mini awarding ceremonies to give out certificates of accomplishment. They also gave us a brown envelope which contained all their outputs during the two-week summer camp. The parents were more excited than the children themselves ; )

At the end of their class, the parents were called inside the classroom and the children had sang two songs which they learned in the camp. After that, they presented one of their artworks as each one of them got in front, said their name and said, "This is my work." They were also called one by one to receive their certificate.

Some of Joaqui's outputs:

The teacher's comment was that he needs to improve on his motor skills, but he is very cheerful inside the classroom. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you Joaqui! We love you so much!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jeng, can see your kid doing well.
And not to worry what teachers mentioned.
I was a very slow learner in school, and all the years never did well in arithmetic or maths. Always scoring just above 50%.

And my mom I think holds the all time record for receiving the most letters from teachers...practically all the letters were to put it simply, 'your son has no hope, no future, ha ha.

But my mom like all mothers had faith in me, her only son.
And I never disappointed her, but exceeded her expectations of me when I grew up.

Nice pics you have here, Jeng.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Paula said...

Hi, andito po sa post na to yung bc bloggers badge