May 10, 2010

PBW 5: Wedding and Nuvali


We had a blast this weekend as we attended the wedding of hubby's cousin on Saturday and celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday.The wedding was five years in the making, because after five years and three daughters, they've finally had a church wedding. Joaqui was the coin bearer and we were so proud of him as he walked to the altar alone and was well behaved during the ceremony. Here are some of the pictures from the wedding:

We even won this cake at a game during the reception. It was the "how well you know your wife/husband" game. This is not the first time we've won this kind of game during a wedding. ; )

To celebrate Mother's Day, we first heard mass at the Holy Family Chapel in Eastwood and then we went to Solenad and Evoliving Center in Nuvali at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We were supposed to go to Tagaytay, but after I read this post from Our Awesome Planet, I thought that this looks like a great place to spend an afternoon.

Joaqui enjoyed the fish feeding activity as well as the water taxi ride.

As all the other restaurants in the Nuvali complex are also found in Manila, we decided to try Pig Out, which only has this branch for now in Nuvali.

It was really fun and I'm glad that we went here. To all the mommies of Pixel Bug Weekend, Happy Mother's Day!


anne said...

Happy Mothers Day to You too, it was indeed a nice weekend. Anyway here's mine I hope you can visit thanks!

Joops said...

Happy mother's day. Your photos showed how much you had fun..

Kayce said...

Wow! you really had a blast weekend! happy mother's day to you also!

SASSY MOM said...

looks like weekend was a blast for your family. Happy Mother's day Mommy Jeng!

Pixelbug Weekend

Kero said...

my first time on your blog and it looks really good!

A nuvali trip seems always a celebration =)

hope you can visit my PBW entry here

coco said...

Thank you for this very nice post about Nuvali. =)

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Marice said...

that is really fun :) congrats to your cousin! and ive been plannin to visit Nuvali but we couldnt squeeze it in on our sched. hopefully next time :)

u may view mine here

Solenad said...

We're glad you had fun at Solenad, NUVALI. :) Your son may also enjoy the summer festival we have there starting this May 12. You can visit for more details on the activities. :) Hope to see you guys there!

Ebie said...

Happy Mother's Day! That was quite a busy weekend! Double celebration and double the fun!