April 28, 2010

Paypal issue

I have a Paypal account and I use it mainly for online purchases. I did not link a debit card or a credit card because I knew that withdrawing money through a debit card or a credit card would incur an extra charge. Now I have to pay something to a fellow blogger through the send money option so that there would be no extra charge, but it was only then that I found out about a sending limit. I have to send her $15 and my limit was only $9, so I sent $8 because I thought that the limit was for a day only. It turned out that it was my limit for life (unless I link up a card)! So I still have $7 balance.

I know this is kind of embarrassing, but I need help so that I can pay my remaining balance. I need someone who has a Paypal account who can send the $7 and then in turn I can send the $7 equivalent in Philippine peso thru bank deposit. I am really hoping somebody will reply to this.

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