April 19, 2010

PBW 1: Preschool Summer Camp


Joaqui is to begin school this June and he will be at the Nursery level. As we were looking around for the right school for him, one of the schools we were considering gave a free summer camp. We wasted no time scheduling my son for this for him to have a "feel" of what's being in school.

Joaqui is a child who would not readily participate in activities. He prefers to watch from the sidelines and until he feels comfortable enough to join the others, he would just watch quietly. He also wouldn't want to be left alone inside the classroom, so I stayed with him.

There were some activities he enjoyed doing, but most of the time he just likes to play. The coordinators from the two schools where he had an evaluation said that Joaqui is at a stage where he just wants to play, but they said it's still common for children in their age.

I know how important early education is, but I want Joaqui to have fun while learning and develop confidence and self-esteem, and that is what matters to me.


Anonymous said...

With your support, Joaqui will be a regular school toddler in no time. We sometimes forget that the steps that we need to follow are our babies'... little by little, slowly but surely. :)

Clarissa said...

Parang ang bilis ng panahon,he'll be at preschool!!I bet madaling matuto si Joaqui coz he has a very supporting family.

Have a nice week ahead,Mommy Jeng!^_^

SASSY MOM said...

Having fun while learning is really important. My lil boy started with a small school first where they get to play while they learn and it helped him adjust to the big school. Soon Joaqui will be eager to go to school too.

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Marice said...

wow! such a milestone :) cant wait for my little one to get in that stage too :)

u may view mine here

Ebie said...

I could feel the excitement of parents and Joaqui.

In no time he will be able to overcome his "shyness".

Happy PBW!

Chris said...

i cant believe it... your little one is going to school na, i can still remember your posts about him... he is a big boy na!