June 2, 2008

3rd world pyro olympics

The 3rd world pyro olympics concluded last May 31 with the fellowship of fire and the pyromusical exhibition by the team La Mancha from the Philippines, and this year's 3rd world pyro olympics winner is the team from Italy. We were not able to watch all teams, but we were able to see China and Germany on the first Saturday and the fellowship of fire and team La Mancha's exhibition on the final Saturday. The pyromusical show by the Philippines was spectacular. The sky on the Manila Bay area lit up with a wonderful display of colors dancing to the music.

I was glad that they scheduled this year's contest on all Saturdays of May, as this gave a chance for more people to watch all teams. We got a good view of the fireworks display from one of the veranda restaurants in SM Mall of Asia. We chose Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse on the first Saturday where they charge 1,500/pax with their set menu specifically for the spectators of the pyro olympics. This included a soup, salad, main course and dessert. Drinks are not yet included. I do not think that this really had the best view of the fireworks, but the steak was delicious ; )

Last Saturday we watched the fireworks with Joaqui! It was his first time to watch fireworks display and even though it was really way past his bedtime, he really watched the show and was trying very hard to keep himself awake. This time we tried the view from Italianni's and for me it was much better than from Tagaytay Highlands, although my husband Jeff preferred otherwise. Their set menu was much cheaper at 1,000/pax with soup, salad, main course, dessert and a drink. We were not supposed to watch that Saturday, but at the last minute decided to and made reservations only that afternoon. I have been watching the pyro olympics since its first year and this year was a memorable one for us because we were able to watch it with Joaqui. Next year, if it will be held here in the Philippines, we are planning to watch it on a yacht cruise ; )

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