June 28, 2008

1.6 mark

Today marks Joaqui's 18th month birthday and we celebrated by eating at Mannang in Megamall after his gymplay class in Gymboree. So what's new with Joaqui? A lot! He is showing signs of near terrible two stage..hahaha. He knows now how to throw tantrums. He knows how to use his charm to get what he wants. His vocabulary is unbelievable. He can sing alleluia amen and do hip hip hooray! He knows where our chapel is and follows the word "pray" with "chapel." He surprises me sometimes of how bright he is and how should we be more careful of our language and actions because he can easily imitate us. He likes hotdog and he can say the word "at-dog" so clearly when he wants them, and he wants his at-dog with bread. He can sit still and watch Hi-5 DVDs for an hour before he goes back to being makulit again. Saying he likes Jollibee is an understatement...he adores Jollibee and can identify him even from a far. He knows that he is gwapo and Piolo is ugly...sorry for that Piolo, but I'm his mom, so I would definitely say that Joaqui is gwapo than you ; ) Happy 18th month birthday wookie!

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