March 6, 2008

Joaqui lingo

Now that Joaqui is 14 months, it is amazing as how all those syllables in his head are trying to figure out a language. His babbling is more complex and his speech is showing intonational patterns. According to, at 14 months, a toddler understands many more words that she can say. At this stage, we are amazed on how fast his vocabulary is developing. Here is a list of Joaqui lingo so far:

1. Daddy
2. Bah (ball)
3.Fah-wer (flower)
6.Spash (splash)
7.Dede (he would say this repeatedly if he wants his milk)
8.Ken (chicken)
9.Toto (this can mean tito, puto, naruto,pluto the dog--we just have to figure out which one)
10.Neyning (raining)
11.Pen (open)
12.Lolo (he calls old men lol0)
13.Tata (bata)
14.Ho-ho (this was a Christmas ornament we had with words HOHOHO)
15.Tanta (Santa)
16.Bibi (TV)
19.Lo (hello, with his hand on his ear)
23.Bubbah (bubbles)
24.Baba (if he wants to go down and walk)
25.Mommy (he just said this today...awww...)
26.Ming-ming (he means "cat")
27.Boohn (balloon)
28. Krin (ice cream)
29.Pee-pee (coffee if we point to a mug)
30.Papa (paypay or fan)
31.Dai-per (diaper)

Also one of the first things that Joaqui learned are animal sounds:
Baah for sheep
Aw-Aw for dog
Myow for cat
Kak for frog (kokak) and duck (quack)
Kukuk for chicken

He can also point to some of his body parts:
Tummy (big tummy)
I do not mean to brag with this list, but as parents Jeff and I are really proud of what our baby can say now. Oh, and let me not forget this one (which mommy taught..hehehe). When he is asked, "Anong problema ni Joaqui?" He would answer with such conviction, "Wala, Wala." ; )

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the smallest things about one's child could really mean a lot to his parents. that, i guess, is actually the joy of parenthood. :)

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