March 3, 2008

employment status

Today I am officially a work-at-home mom. With our company going into transition, I decided to be an independent contractor for the same medical transcription company. It was quite a difficult decision to make, as this means I am not entitled to company benefits, paid leaves, 13th month pay, etc. , but I will be paid on a per line rate basis. I also have to resign as a senior medical editor and team leader to be able to work from home. Thinking of it, I really wanted to work homebased ever since we had Joaqui. It was hard saying goodbye to him every single day as I would come home late and he is already sleeping. I would always miss his laughter and giggles when I'm in the office. Last week I was anxious and yet excited at the same time. I was really not sure if this would work out for us, but I am determined to make this work. I love what I do and at the same time I also want to be at home to take care of my family, and this is an opportunity for me to do both. I know that there are adjustments to be made and I will just have to unleash my prowess of being a work-at-home mom on a day to day basis.


dadaism said...

hi jeng! so how's your first day as a work at home mom?


happy said...

hi there,
don't worry, even my officemates are dreaming of becoming work at home moms. i'm sure i'll feel that as well when i become a mother myself.

Happymommi said...


you're luck kse di naman lahat may option na mag stay at home :) fellow nawie here :)

have a nice day