March 17, 2008

I'm tagged....

To Dada, this is my attempt to show off my pc.
She has no name and until now I can't think of one for her. My desktop PC is probably 3 years old and she has been my 2nd PC after purchasing a second hand before her. We never had a PC at home until I was working already. She was a dream come true for me, and has provided many opportunities for me to communicate, browse the internet to my heart's content and opened doors for more transcription jobs. I am very particular with my desktop icons because almost all of them are what I use for work. From the picture above, the taskbar is always full of different programs which help me in my profession as a medical transcriptionist.

My wallpaper has always been a picture of my family because it inspires me to do better and achieve my goals. I also have a small crucifix attached to my screen protector, to remind me that all knowledge and talent comes from Him and that technology can be used for His greater glory.

I am also very protective of her. I do not use her for games or for viewing DVDs, etc. I am very careful of the websites that I visit and even though I have a laptop (which at first amused me), I just can't seem to be as comfortable as using this PC in editing and transcribing. I can't elaborate much on browsers or other programs as I am clueless on that ; ) In my line of work, a good sound card matters to me, along with a soft-touch keyboard for easy typing and a dependable OS. So far, my PC has been apt to the tasks required to complete the everyday challenges of my job and do blogging on the side, edit pictures, do digital scrapbooking, etc., etc.
Thanks Da for this tag. Somehow it made me look at my PC in a more meaningful light. She may be sometimes overlooked but definitely not forgotten.

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dadaism said...

nice job. that's the purpose jeng. for you to look at your pc in a different light.