June 26, 2010

Joaqui at Nursery

Joaqui started Nursery school last Wednesday and we were much more excited than him. ; ) He was a little anxious at first but because it was the same school as the summer camp he had attended, he settled in quite easily. It was also a little emotional for us as parents because sending him to school is like the first real step in letting him go, grow and explore the world around him. Hubby and I were reminiscing about the time he was just a baby and now he is in school. I was also busy preparing his school materials, putting plastic covers and name tags on his books, and making a box of toiletries to be left in school (this contains extra shirt, extra underwear, powder, alcohol, etc.) I am also in the quest of creating a healthy lunch box or snack box for him and putting them together as a bento.

I was telling hubby I was wondering how Joaqui would fare in school, but more than that I really want him to have fun and enjoy it as much as he could.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Jeng, I can imagine how excited you are your kid going to school for the first time. And I'm sure he too excited, meeting new friends, but same time apprehensive another woman, instead of his mother now looking after him.

I ran home on the 2nd day after my mother dropped me off at school. I was 6 years old. The cops found me walking home 2 miles away. And with my Mom's blessings they brought me back to school, in a police car, as well threatened to put me in jail if I ran away again!

But the teachers wished I had, ha ha...as few years later I learned what snakes discreetly brought to class can do....
And my mom received more letters from teachers and principal than other mothers...
basically all the letters mentioned, "your son has no hope, no future', ha ha ha.

Have a great week, and have fun....one day you'll be sending him off to University, maybe in Canada, Lee.
Ingat ka palagi.

By MelCole of PA said...

Hi Jeng, your son is probably adjusting to a new environment. I bet he will enjoy it there in his school.