February 26, 2008

how fast can you type?

I read this from Joey's blog, a fellow n@wie and I think it is very timely that I take this test since I am going to be a full-time medical transcriptionist (I am now a senior medical transcription editor and team leader) -- but that's another story. Anyway, I never took typing lessons until I was trained to be an MT. I was using "pindot system" whenever I was typing and my typing skills just got better and better while I was already working. I remember the games we use to play to memorize the keyboard keys. My co-workers and I will have contests just to know who types the fastest : ) I can't say I'm THAT fast in typing, but at least I've mastered the art of touch typing and I don't have to look from the keyboard to the monitor and back when typing something. I know you want to...go ahead, take the speed test!

71 words

Speed test


theworkingmom said...

Hi! You're fast! Galing! Of course you can add me. Add na rin kita :)

-- Joey

Mec said...

already added you to my links sis :) thanks for adding me...

oh and ambilis mo mag-type...i can only do 48 :D

dadaism said...

what's with the full-time MT from editor? i'm puzzled. will you be working at home na rin like me?

kwento namad diyan