February 15, 2008

amazing race asia 2

The Amazing Race Asia 2 has reached its final conclusion and after 12 legs around the world in 24 days, Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez finished third. I always watch The Amazing Race and The Amazing Race Asia and I think that Marc and Rovilson are among the best teams I have seen. Out of the 12 legs of the race, they finished 1st in eight legs, 2nd in two legs and 3rd in the final leg. Disappointed ako kasi third lang sila to the point na parang mas affected pa ko...hahaha. Feeling ko kasi they are the strongest team and the last road block lang talaga ang naging downfall nila, which was identifying and arranging the flags of the countries they have been to during the race. Sigh.
Marc and Rovilson worked well together and displayed good teamwork. They are also funny, always ending their tasks with a sense of humor and a good laugh. My favorite part of the race was during the 7th leg. While waiting for the next available train to Prague from Frankfurt, Rovilson decided to headout to a nearby strip club and do some impromptu pole dancing to earn some spare cash. It was obvious that they were enjoying what they do. Eventhough these hunks only finished third, they have won several prizes during the race, including a total money bonanza of $20,000 from Standard Chartered credit card and a trip to South Africa.
To Mark and Rovilson, you still made the pinoys proud and yes, you are the most animated, exciting, lovable, huggable and most fun team on the Amazing Race Asia.

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