June 21, 2011

a sane business advice

Last year my friend and I thought of putting up an online store. She will provide me with the merchandise from the U.S. and we will be selling it here. I had to research what products are more likely to sell online and came up with baby clothes, women's apparel, bags, etc. It was tedious at first, especially designing the website and uploading pictures, putting the prices and sorting them out. Since it is an online business, we need a reliable merchant account provider. There are many merchant accounts out there, but we had to find one that will cater to our business' needs. Good thing I found out about Free Merchant Account Advisor and it only took me 3 minutes to answer an online interview and I got the answers and advice I needed. What's best about it is it's for free!

I know that Paypal is a very popular merchant account provider and with the Free Merchant Account Advisor, I learned about other Paypal Alternative which could also be used in our online business. And now we are looking into an option to accept credit cards so that our customers will have an option to pay thru credit card. We were hesitant at first, but after a thorough research of the credit card processing companies offering credit card processing services, we are finally on our wary to making an online credit card processing. I really do hope that this will work out for us. With the financial crisis going on right now, it definitely helps to have an added source of income and I would definitely have to thank the internet for giving us the opportunity to have one. Now, that is a sane business advice.

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