June 21, 2011

first day in kindergarten

I think this blog hibernated for a week. It's because last week Joaqui started Kindergarten and I had to adjust my schedule, prepare the things he needed for school and ease him into going to school again. You see, my son is not that excited to go back to school again...hehehehe. Anyway, I had to label and cover his books and notebooks (yes, they already have 5 notebooks, 1 for each subject--can you believe it?), prepare art materials, personal box, fill up student information sheets, etc. Thankfully now he's kind of settled in our routine.

I took a lot of pictures last year when he started Nursery and I made a photo book from Artscow. Now I'm planning to do another photo book at the end of this school year, so I'm taking more pictures starting with his first day of school.

Before going to school:

Inside his new classroom. Parents and guardians were allowed during the first day. Joaqui seems to be talking to his new classmate here. It's only the first day and he's already being talkative. : )

Joaqui has matured since last year. I have a feeling he will do well again this year.

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