May 6, 2011

Mommy Moments - Preggy Tales

mommy moments


Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mommy bloggers! I hope that you have a great day planned for this day, although I think that it will be a little overshadowed by the Pacquiao-Mosley fight, I think all Moms deserve a special treat for Mother's Day. : )

This picture was taken on December 24, 2006 which was just 4 days before I gave birth to Joaqui. I had an uneventful pregnancy - no morning sickness, no dizziness and no cravings, so hubby was a happy husband to a very pregnant woman like me. The only thing I had to watch for at that time was my weight because I was gaining a little more that what I should, so even though I was pregnant I was on a diet. Up until a week before my delivery, I was doing my usual activities, even doing a lot of shopping because it was the Christmas season at that time. On December 28, I had a little bloody show so we went to our OB-GYNE and when she did an IE, she told me to go the hospital already. After trying for 1-1/2 hours to deliver normally, I had to give birth via C-section and the first thing I said when Joaqui came out was, "Hay, salamat lumabas ka din." It was as if all my worries, pain and fatigue had gone away when I first saw him, and hubby and I and the rest of our families have never been happier for God blessed us with a wonderful child.

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chubskulit said...

Wow buti ka pa alang morning sickness, my first trim with my two kids were unbearable.. Both of them were delivered via C-section too. Di na susundan si Joaqui?

Mommy Marlyn said...

Wow, you're lucky you did not encounter any problems in ur pregnancy.. (^^)
Happy mother's day!

Cookie said...

I don't have morning sickness also in my 2 pregnancies. Thanks for dropping by Nostalgic post @:

Hope you can visit my MM moments @

January said...

no morning sickness for me too..

Hope you can come and visit my MM: Preggy Tale too.

Tetcha said...

I also did not have morning sickness when I was pregnant and likewise delivered via CS. And we were both blessed with lovely bundles of joy. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

Mel Cole said...

How nice that you dont have any discomforts during your pregnancy. You are blessed with your kid. :) MY MM and nostalgia

Bette said...

wow ... you're very lucky to not feel those strange preggy things!

Happy mother's day!

Here’s my preggytale

STEF said...

You're lucky not to have those morning sicknesses. Cheers!
Here's my MM . Hope you can also join Messy Go Round . Thanks and see you around.Happy Mother's day!

anne said...

so you spent your new year at the hospital? Good for you that you don't have morning sickness unlike mine. Yay btw here's my entry for Mommy Moments, I hope you can visit thanks. My Little Home

sHeNgKaY said...

same tayo lucky na walng morning sickness o kong anu pa man na nararanasan ng ibang preggy..
Late visiting from Nostalgia! :) happy mothers day!
My Nostalgia

~wickedlysexy c",? said...

another lucky Mom who does not have morning sickness...
visiting you from Mommy Moments..hope you can also take a look at My Preggy Tales

simply kim said...

oh really? if only all pregnancies are as easy as yours, lol!

a visit from Kimmy!

vera7teampro said...

hello po, happy mother's day blog mate here. I added your blog on my fave links and followed you on network blogs. hope you can do the same, i'll visit again thank you so much ;)

Chris said...

wow, that is a blessing.. having an easy pregnancy! happy mommy moments!

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