May 14, 2008

a visit to Manila Ocean Park

It was a slow Tuesday for us and since it was daddy's off from work, we went to Manila Ocean Park, which is the Philippines' first state-of-the-art oceanarium and open water marine habitat.

The journey through the oceanarium starts with Agos where there is an artificial waterfall, and water tanks displaying a variety of flora and fauna. There is also a touch pool where one can touch the creatures on display, except the small shark ; )

The Bahura showcases different coral life forms. Joaqui was fascinated with the different hues of the fishes he saw.

The four big distinct aquariums in Laot displays fish in all sizes.

At the Buhay na Karagatan, one can take the 25-meter walk along the underwater tunnel and see different kinds of sea creatures including stingray and whale shark.

The barracudas can be seen at Ang Kalaliman. There is also an overhang tank with a variety of rays swimming over. The different species of sharks can be viewed face-to-face in a separate tank.

It was a fun day for us at the Manila Ocean Park. Joaqui really enjoyed the experience, his first encounter with different sea creatures.

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