May 19, 2008

my hands are full

We are now in week two of having no yaya. Yaya Rose went on vacation for two weeks that is why my hands are full in juggling my work and taking care of Joaqui. I'm blessed that my mother-in-law is always here to help us. On the first week, she stayed in our house to help me take care of Joaqui, so that I can at least have some time to work. Although I am home based, I still need to produce lines or else "wala akong sweldo." Now on the second week, we are staying in Valenzuela with Jeff's family, again so that I can still continue to work. This is one of the disadvantages of me being a subcontractor, I do not have LOAs unlike a regular employee, and it is for this reason that I am always saving a part of my income in cases like this, but at least this is only temporary. I would still not trade my status as a work-at-home mom. ; )

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