October 18, 2012

Jollibee Kids Club Cosplay Funday

Halloween costume play was early for us since we joined the Jollibee Kids Club Cosplay Funday last October 14 at the SM North Sky Dome.  My sister-in-law was one of the organizers and so we had free tickets. While choosing Joaqui's costume, he initially wanted a T-Rex costume where we found one at SM Department Store. Unfortunately the only available size was small and even though we went through other dinosaur costumes, the size was just too small for Joaqui. When I saw a pirate costume and asked Joaqui if he would like to wear it for the cosplay, he immediately agreed. The pirate costume came with a hat and the pants had a boots-like end so that when the shoes are covered, it really looks like the child is wearing boots.

To complete his pirate get-up, I purchased a pirate sword and eye patch. I really liked the costume we bought because it was not that expensive and it was quite comfortable to wear. Joaqui really enjoyed being a pirate, wanting to be like Captain Hook looking for his treasure.

The Jollibee Kids Club Cosplay Funday event was a big hit. My sister-in-law did not expect that the number of participants would be that many.  It was also my first time to really participate in a Jollibee event where we would watch the program. From the previous years, we would come late and not join the games, etc. And I thought I was a stage mom until I saw the other moms who would really push their kids to join games and carrying them up the stage! And the other costumes, especially the girls, were outrageous. Well I guess that is how most moms are I think. They would really go the extra mile to make their children stand out.

The event was fun and Joaqui had a great time, even joining the parade around the Sky Dome area. In the past when he used to like Superman, he would wear the Superman costume almost everyday. Now I think he has a new favorite costume. Arrrr!

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