July 29, 2011

Mommy Moments - Family Trips

mommy moments

We have had quite a few family trips and this one was not our last, but it seems to be the most memorable for Joaqui right now because he keeps on telling us that we should go back here. This was during the 16th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga where we also celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

We stayed at The Oasis Hotel. It was a quaint cozy hotel and we enjoyed our stay.

Joaqui's chillax position...a proof that he really liked it there.

After watching the early morning take off of the hot air balloons, we spent the rest of the day watching flying airplanes and helicopters, kites up in the air and just relaxing on the lawn.

We're looking forward to more family trips like this soon. Join us at Mommy Moments.


Tetcha said...

Ang cute ni Joaqui in the second picture! I know why he enjoyed this event. Boys like hot air balloons and anything that flies! Thanks for the visit!

aria said...

wow..a clever trips, not just relaxing but also educating

Pinx said...

this is one activity i have always want to witness... your boy must have been so happy! was here for late MM visit.

Rcel said...

Nice trip! Hot air balloon-- I have yet to experience here! Sana soon! Lol.

Visiting late for MM sharing my 8 STATES IN ONE TRIP moment! Thanks and I hope to see you! :)

chubskulit said...

Awww such a chhillaxing trip of you guys, great photos too.

My late entry and visit for Mommy Moment, hope you can still peek at my enbtry. Thanks.

hailey said...

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Chris said...

we certainly hope to be there on the next hot air balloon shows :) thanks for joining!

Jona said...

wow sarap buhay si Joaqui ah heehee :D enjoy naman ng bonding nyo.
I look forward to taking my boys to hot air balloons show or flying kites in a fair weather. i can just imagine them enjoying the big field.