April 26, 2011

Good Friday procession

This was Joaqui's 2nd time to participate in the Good Friday procession here in our parish and I can say that he was pretty much looking forward to it. A month or so ago, he would ask me if it was Holy Week already because he wants to go to the procession. I don't know what draws him to do this, but he really walked the whole time during the procession without stopping, and without telling me that he's tired. I was not able to take pictures of him last year when it was his first time to join the Good Friday procession, so this year I came much prepared.

He was either holding his small cross or the lighted candle while walking. He endured a 2-hour walk and was even smiling for the camera.

After the procession, we went to my mom's house and he ate 3 slices of cheese pizza. The walking really made him very hungry!

That night before we went to sleep, Joaqui said, "Mommy, I want to go to the procession again next year." Well, I'm sure he will.

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