July 19, 2010

smart online saving tips

Finally, after a week of not being able to go online because of a busted phone line, brownouts, typhoon and our recent move, this blog is back! We have moved to our new condominium unit and although it was really stressful - financially, physically and emotionally - it was all worth it. Of course, our stress level would not have reached ultimate high if we could have hired professional movers. Packing and unpacking our stuff was so tiring and how I wish I could call on Houston movers to do that for us.

We have prepared well for our move. We searched and compared prices for our electrical appliances like air conditioning unit and refrigerator. I have learned to follow our budget strictly and avoid unnecessary purchases, which is a money-saving advice I got from Billy.com. It was also a little difficult for us because school already started and the move was also a little stressful for Joaqui. Good thing he settled in quite easily, although he was asking for his "sassy" (my mom) in our new home.

Our next step would be the blessing of our unit which would just be a simple family affair. We are planning to do it in time for my dad's birthday. Now I really have to learn more about online saving tips to keep our budget air tight. ; )

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jeng, moving is never easy....more headache if migrating....what to bring, what to sell or give away.
Congratulations on your new condo.
Yes, good to have a party, make some noise to welcome good fungshui in...
Best regards, Lee.