April 19, 2008

catching up

Finally...a free time to do nothing but read emails, save pictures in my pc, browse the net and update my blog. For the last few weeks, whenever I'm infront of my pc, it has always been work, work and work. It's also partly my fault...sometimes my body says no, stop working already...but then I find myself transcribing or editing even on weekends.

So what's up with the Agustins lately? We went to Manila Zoo last April 12. Jeff was attending an event from Pinoy Photography and we just tagged along ; ) It was Joaqui's first time and it was my first time again...after many, many years. Joaqui was amazed with all the animals he saw...we even had our picture taken with the snakes. We didn't quite enjoy the trip around the zoo that much though because it was really, really hot that day.

We have also decided to enrol Joaqui at Gymboree and he will be starting his first gymplay class tomorrow. : ) We attended one trial class in Gymboree Shangrila and he had fun doing the activities...and I had fun too! Some people asked me why Gymboree...Well, at first I just wanted Joaqui to attend pre-preschool activities like a play school, so he can socialize with other kids and be familiar with teacher-student interactions. We also considered The Little Gym and Kindermusik...but I think Gymboree has the most affordable rates from all three (this was the deciding factor...hahaha). I find Gymboree's facilities much nicer and I also got positive feedbacks on their classes. We were not able to take pictures during his trial class, but tomorrow we will ; )

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